Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Tale of the Shrike...

Having seen a really cool Osprey nest yesterday, I decided to walk along 510 today to go back and get a picture of it. Along the walk there was a pasture with barbed wire, and lots of impaled bugs.
I really have nothing against this bug, but I thought it was really cool how you can see he was impaled straight through the heart.
Another one. There's was a bunch of them.

The Shrike even thoughtfully provided a vegetarian gluten free option.

Here is the Shrike whose pantry is shown above!

"I is a good provider, I hope the girls are impressed. Wait! Here comes one now!"
 "Hey baby!"
Female: "Hey big boy, you want some of this?" 
(She displayed over and over, but the male just  stood there....)
Male: "Sorry, baby, having a little performance anxiety... there's a photographer across the parking lot. Maybe another time, luv?" 
Female: "Maybe I should have used some Listerine brand Beakwash for fresher beaks!"
Oh, and this was the nest that I had originally started out to take a picture of. It was very foggy, so I couldn't get a good picture after all that.

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