Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Scratch Sketches and Why I Don't Paint

I did a few scratchboard sketches.

This is a jawbone that I did for Joy.
This is a Reddish Egret dancing (for no reason) that I did for Heather. The quote is from the Steam Powered Giraffe song, "Make Believe".
This is a Belted Kingfisher that I did for me. This has long been my nemesis bird, I had never gotten a good photo of one. Finally, on the Cocoa Christmas Bird Count, I got a good photo. This sketch is based on the photo.

Watercolor, Turkey Creek.
Watercolor, Sebastian Inlet. This is supposed to be a Brown Pelican, but I was looking at the painting after I brought it home and realized it looks more like this.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ditch 13 Birding Hot Spots Tour December 9

We had an awesome trip out to Sebastian Inlet today. Thanks so much to Jessica for joining us. Here are a few highlights of our trip.

 We started off with great looks at Northern Gannets.
A Ruddy Turnstone posed nice.
My nom! You can't has!
Sometimes I pretend to be a decent photographer, but most times the birds just make it so easy. This Wood Stork posed so perfect for me, I didn't even have to crop. I love the way she is showing off her dainty little pink toes.
These 4 pictures tell a story:

"Hey, I bet I can make a goofier face than you!"
"Ha. Go for it."
"TA DA!!!"

"Dang, you win."
 (Singing:) "I am the champion, I am the champion, of the Woooooooorrrrrllllld!"
These Willets were almost impossible to see because they blended in with the rocks so well. I honestly wasn't sure if I had them in the picture till I downloaded it.
 Woo-hoo! This was my 319th photographic life bird, Pomerine Jaeger.
 Another story series:

"Gee mom and dad, I can't wait till I get big and my beak turns orange like yours!"
 {sigh} "So do you want to tell him he's adopted, or should we just buy him a copy of Sibley and let him figure it out himself?"
Looking forward to our next tour. Thank so much to Nick at Ditch 13 Gallery and Gifts for helping us promote our tours.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Goodwin WMA and Manatee Watch

Here are some pictures from Wednesday's trip to Goodwin WMA, and today's Manatee watch. It was a classic manatee day, air temperature was 52, water temp was 74. Click pictures to embiggen.

American Kestrel at Goodwin WMA
Red-shouldered Hawk at Goodwin WMA

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Solstice Lights

So, I decided to put up Solstice lights this year. I'm drunk at the moment, but I never learned to photograph in the dark anyway so I don't think pictures would come out even if I hadn't consumed the rum. Anyway, here are my Solstice lights. Click to embiggen the pictures.

Close up of sun and earth. I'm thinking I should add more planets next year. I didn't do a good job with the continents, maybe will take it apart and do a tidier job next year. But I do like the way the sun came out. I wasn't going to paint the bicycle tire, but I'm really glad I did, it looks much nicer.
Long shot from further down the road of the fence, the sun, the earth, and Spongebob and friends.
Spongebob and Squidward. I might have paint these next year, they are getting pretty faded. 
Patrick and Sandy.