Sunday, September 9, 2018

Making Random Stuff

I think I should start a business where in I just make random stuff for people. Here is a bunch of random stuff I have made for gifts, non-profits, and business. Click photos to enlarge/see detail. Drop me an email if you need some kinda random thing made.

Advertising rocks for the Heritage center's
New Year's Eve party.

Front of a rock, made as a sample for arts
and crafts thing at the ELC.
Back of  the same rock cause I thought
it was funny.
Pokemon Magicarp hat, made
as a gift for a friend.
The display rack for the magnets
we sell at Ditch 13. I made the magnets too.
Vulture scratch art for me, just
cause I like vultures
Clip are that I drew for the Heritage center for their
 fliers for some upcoming events.
Belted Kingfisher I did for me. It's
hanging above my desk. 
Bird bookmarks for the ELC kids arts and crafts.
Advertising rock for the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival.
Commissioned cross stitch. Adapted from a pattern.
Cover of our Nature of Indian River calendar. The photography
and design are all mine. The technical correctness is David's work
Lovebirds. Wedding gift.
Advertising rock for the Vero Beach Heritage
Center and Citrus Museum.
Custom holiday stocking for David. 
Cardinal muppet-style puppet for an environmental
education camp.
Jigglypuff puppet gift.
Ring-neck snake. Was made a prototype for another project.
Northern Lapwing drawing. Birthday card. 
Scrubjay painted paving stone for environmental
center bird ID scavenger hunt thing.
Pileated Woodpecter and Roseate Spponbill painted paving
stones for environmental center bird ID scavenger hunt thing.
Cardinal and Mockingbird painted paving stones for
 center bird ID scavenger hunt thing.
Plover painted rock. Holiday gift.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Critter Porn!

Due to popular request, I have finally reinstated my Critter Porn page. Enjoy!
New! July 9, 2018 - Gulf Fritillaries bumping uglies.

New! July 9, 2018 - Variegated Fritillaries getting it on. I swear the one
on the bottom is showing her "O" face.

February 27,  2017 So, these 2 Mallards were getting down in Easy Street park....
February 27,  2017 ...when this other Mallard came by and wanted to get in on the action... oh my. I never thought about how ducks mate, but I certainly didn't expect them to have HUGE tackle like this. At least we now know why it's called "Easy Street Park"
March 6, 2016: Great Egrets gettin' jiggy!

Lubbers in Love

Yellow-bellied Sliders having a 9-way

Red-bellied Woodpeckers getting down

Technically, mushrooms aren't critters, but this really looked like porn to me.

Cuban Anoles, doin' the nasty right out in public.

Viceroy Butterflies, grooving

Sealion orgy

Birds do it, bees do it, other bugs might as well too.

Gulf Frittilary Butterfies getting as passionate as butterflies get. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Unidentified mushrooms

April, 2018 - Palm Bay, Turkey Creek Sanctuary
April, 2018 - Palm Bay, Turkey Creek Sanctuary
November, 2017 - Sebastian, country park behind tennis courts
November, 2017 - Sebastian, country park behind tennis courts
November, 2017 - Sebastian, country park behind tennis courts
November, 2017 - Sebastian, country park behind tennis courts

Monday, April 9, 2018

Announcing my new meetup group

Hey, kids, remember DeeMotivation? I have decided to resurrect it on Meetup with a new name. Join my new meetup group, FOWL (Fat Old Walking Ladies) for scheduled walks and birdwatching. First walk is tomorrow at Riverview park in Sebastian.

From the group description:

FOWL (Fat Old Walking Ladies) is a group where we (a bunch of fat old ladies) will get together to walk/birdwatch maybe even PokemonGo - anything to get us out and get moving. I will schedule walks on weekday mornings in the Fellsmere-Sebastian area, with occasional longer walks on weekends further away. I try to get in bird watching when I walk, and sometimes pokemon, but prefer to stick to just hatching eggs when walking for exercise.

For those of you who used to come out for DeeMotivation walks, consider this DeeMotivation: The Next Generation!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rare Bird Alert!!!

I saw what I thought at first was a Belted Kingfisher on my feeder. Then I realized that the color and size were totally wrong. I'm pretty sure that it's a type of Roller bird. Can anyone confirm the species?

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Plant ID Backlog

So, I have a backlog of plants for my daily blog that I am not entirely sure of the species ID.  Would appreciate some help. I need to learn how to ID plants that don't have flowers on them, any  resources you can recommend for that would be great too.  Thanks so much!

Click on photos to enlarge.

  1.  Location: Lake Apopoka, in water. Possibly some type of Oxalis, but they don't seem to grow in water.
  2. Location: Lake Apopoka, in water. Water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
  3. Location: Lake Apopoka, in water. Marsh-pennywort (Hydrocotyle umbellata)
  4. Location: Blountston, Florida. Yellow flowery thingie?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


These are some of the costumes I have. I also have a cow but it's not really a native critter. Click to enlarge. (Note: I swear I'm not as grumpy as I look in these pictures. )

Northern Cardinal. Works best with a black turtleneck.
Sunflower. I have 2 of these.
Blue Jay
Greater Sage Grouse, breeding. This might not work as it's not native to FL.
Black Widow Spider
Cardinal and Blue Jay, action shot.
Bird of Paradise, might not work, is not native to FL.