Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bioblitz and the Enchanted Forest

David and I were honored to be ask to participate in the first annual Bioblitz at the Enchanted Forest in Titusville. We led a few walks including a herp walk, and a bird walk. It was really a blast, and we look forward to doing it again next year. Here's what we saw!

Velvet ant, also known as the Cow Killer ant. Supposed to have a nasty bite, but I haven't gotten close enough to find out.
 Unidentified Caterpillar species.
Dragonfly, I believe from the Libellulidae family.
Egg sack, but we aren't sure what from.
Gopher Tortoise.
Same Gopher Tortoise, smiling.
Grasshopper,  possibly Melanoplus femurrubrum?
Grasshopper, Lubber. As you can tell from this picture, these guys like to eat and tend to irritate gardeners something fierce. But they are really pretty to look at.
Cuban Anole, another invasive exotic species.
Green, or Carolina Anole, one of our local boys.
Gopher Tortoise Poop.
Ground Skink, being held by David.
Golden Silk Orbweaver spider.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Possible Western Reef Heron

I snuck out for a long lunch today to chase the Western Reef Heron. It wasn't a particularly hard chase, he was sitting right where it was reported, just waiting for us. Note that this has not been an officially approved sighting yet, but the only other thing it could be is a Tri-color/Snowy hybrid. Click the pictures to enlarge.

 Notice the long white plume on the head.
Compare and contrast with an immature Little Blue.
Although the plumage is similar, note that honking big bill, about twice the size of the little blue.  Note also the yellow lores.
There was also a nesting Black Neck Stilt. This normally would have been my big sighting for the day as I just love love love Black Neck Stilts. Look at the way it has it's pig pink feet tucked under, so casual, like she's just watching TV.
And of course, no trip to the refuge is complete without saying hi to the Roseate Spoonbills.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kidney Foundation Fundraiser 2015

A few years ago, my trainer did a run for a children's cancer charity. To sweeten the pot, she agreed to do a burpee for every dollar pledged. Given that I get matching gifts at work, I pledged a lot just because the thought of her doing twice as many burpies made me laugh:-) So, inspired by her, I decided to offer a similar deal, I agreed to do tortures (such as crunches, pushups, etc) for every dollar raised. However, by far, the most popular was my offer of doing interpretive dances. So, now I am just offering interpretive dances in exchange for pledges:
  • new this year: New donor special: For a $5 pledge, you can get a copy of last year's DVD.
  • $10: 1 minute of interpretive dance, I pick the song
  • $20: 1 minute of interpretive dance, you pick the song
  • $30: 1 minute of interpretive dance with tutu, you pick the song
  • $50: 1 minute of interpretive dance with tutu, you pick the song AND location for video shoot!
  • $100: 1 minute of interpretive dance with tutu, you pick the song, AND with special guest star, DAVID also in a tutu!
  • For song choice, please check iTunes or Amazon to make sure it's something I can download legally.
  • These are pledge per person NOT cumulative; if you want to see David dance, you have to donate $100, he won't do it for 10 $10 pledges from individual people.
  • Location must be within driving distance of Fellsmere, and I will need to know your choice well in advance, especially if it's someplace that I need to get permission to shoot at.)
  • As with last year, due to copyright issues, I can't post the videos on YouTube, but all donors will instead receive a special edition DVD.
  • If you get matching gifts at work, please let me know so I can add it to the dance tally.
Please pass the link to this page along to help me raise money for a good cause!