Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Here are the pix from Thanksgiving in GA!

 A hawk who posed very nicely for me.
 He was very patient and liked having his picture taken.
A Red-bellied woodpecker.
It rained all day Tuesday so I spent it making David a new work shirt. Here he is modeling it.
Amy had a great idea to make a table cloth out of canvas, then we would all add to it every year.  I forgot to go back and get all the works of art after everyone finished, but I did get some.

Here is Mom's contribution.
This is mine, and below it is David's.
Mom and Dad.
Scott, proudly displaying something... but I don't remember what it was!
Tom, creating his work of art on the table cloth.
Kathy, contemplating her tablecloth contribution.
 Kathy's work of art.
Tom's work of art.
The whole family finishing up Thanksgiving dinner.
David looking cool.
Amy making Starburst s'mores. I didn't try one, but she said they were great.
Scott, Amy and Beth making s'mores.
 It was pretty chilly up there. Here is Beth warming up Kathy.
Me and David, testing out the timer on the new camera. I was having a bad hair week.
The whole crew.
The whole crew, showing our true inner selves.
Mom and her boys.
The Hiawassee/Fellsmere Simpsons.
The cousins.
Mom and her youngun.
Kathy and Tom.
Amy and Kathy.
David, Mom and Scott.