Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vero Wetlands

I took a stroll with Heather at the wetlands. Lots of activity.

 Breeding plumage Little Blue Heron.
A Snail Kite.
 The Snail Kite with a Limpkin. This isn't a great quality photograph, but I thought it was cool that I got a picture of 2 snail eaters together.
This is a series of 2 Great Blues building a nest. I think it tells a story:

Him: I done brung you a stick for the baby!
Her: Thank you dear.
Her: I'll put it right here with all the other sticks.
Him: I'm a super awesome provider.

Her: (thinking to herself: A STICK? I wanted a fricken fish! What the hell am I gonna do with another stick? I'm so very hungry....
And finally a smiling Glossy Ibis. I love when birds smile for me!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stick Marsh and Goodwin WMA

We did our first trip today out of Ditch 13 Gallery. We were joined by a lovely couple from Vermont, and had a great time looking at Roseate Spoonbills, among other birds. Here's some pix!

A Turkey Vulture doing his best Anhinga impression.
Roseate in flight.
Anhinga in flight.
Roseate in flight. I love his little orange bloomers!
Another Roseate in flight.
A new one for my Critter Porn page! Two Great Egrets going all boom-chicka-wow-wow.
Yet another Roseate in flight.
A Raccoon wandered across the road.
A Red-shouldered Hawk landed right beside us and posed super nice for us!
The hawk flying away. This picture made me laugh, he looked like he was covering his head, like he was on his way into his trial or something.
Another shot of the hawk in flight.
The weather was super awesome today, beautiful color. This was over at Goodwin. I've taken to walking at the Stick Marsh side lately, I almost forgot how breathtaking the Goodwin side can be.
A cute little dragonfly posed nice for us.
And, on the way back to the car we saw this sweet little caterpillar.

There is always something cool to see when you go out with us! Make sure you join us for a future trip. Go to for details on all upcoming trip, classes and events where you can find us!