Photographic Life List

My life list so far. I kind of regret not taking better notes about where and when these were taken, but I will try to add commentary as I go through stuff. If you know of anywhere within driving distance of Florida that I can get anything not on this list, let me know.

  1. Anhinga.  New Year's day, 2007, Viera Wetlands
  2. Ani, Groove-billed. Lake Apopka Restoration Area, I think around 2003.
  3. Ani, Smooth-billed. STA5, New Years Eve 2016
  4. Blackbird, Brewers
  5. Blackbird, Red-wing. May, 2007. I think this was a Goowin WMA
  6. Blackbird, Tri-color. California, 2012, with Charlie and Cindy.
  7. Bluebird, Eastern. Lincoln, MA, 2007. I don't remember why we had gone home, but I remember being incredibly stressed out and me and David went out here to chill.
  8. Bluebird, Mountain
  9. Bluebird, Western
  10. Bobolink. Stick Marsh, with Heather, May 8, 2016. Our first SOS walk in a long time.
  11. Bobwhite
  12. Booby, Brown. September 18, 2016, Tampa Bay with David
  13. Brant, Atlantic (right). New Year's Eve, 2016, STA5, This and the Black Brant are currently considered the same species, but have been split apart in Europe and are expected to be split in the US soon.
  14. Brant, Black (left). New Year's Eve, 2016, STA5, This and the Atlantic Brant are currently considered the same species, but have been split apart in Europe and are expected to be split in the US soon.
  15. Bulbul . Somewhere around 2003, on one of my first birding trips with David. He was leading an Exotic trip to Miami and I tagged along. This was around the time I first started listing.
  16. Bunting, Indigo. My yard in Fellsmere, 2009.
  17. Bunting, Painted. My yard. I don't remember when I got this particular picture, but we moved to Fellsmere around 2006. I hated it here at first, it's out in the middle of nowhere, I was miserable. Then the painted buntings started showing. I decided that I could live here after all.
  18. Bushtit. California with Cindy and Charlie, 2012.

  19. Cardinal. Pine Mountain, GA, 2004. One of my first Thanksgivings with the Simpson clan. The last day, we went to breakfast, and this guy was at the top of a tree across the road.
  20. Catbird. Turkey Creek, 2007.
  21. Chickadee, Black-capped. My sister's feeder in Concord, MA, 2007
  22. Chickadee, Carolina
  23. Chickadee, Mountain
  24. Clark's Nutcracker. Either CO or WY with Joy.
  25. Condor, California. I was asked to go out to CA to help teach a class for work. I knew it was going to be really bad, and did NOT want to go. The manager, also a birder, promised my life California Condor if I made the trip. The class went every bit as bad as expected, but I came back with my Condor as well as about 30 other life birds. So it was worth it.
  26. Coot. I think this was Christmas day, 2003. On my annual Christmas outing with the Meyers at Merritt Island NWR. There was a whole island of coots, it  was pretty cool.
  27. Cormorant, Brant. CA 2007, with Cindy and Charlie.
  28. Cormorant, Double-crested. Viera Wetlands, not sure of date.
  29. Cormorant, Great
  30. Cormorant, Pelagic CA 2007, with Cindy and Charlie.
  31. Cormorant, Neotropic. Valentines weekend trip to Green Cay and Wakodahatchee 2015. - this was taken at Wakodahatchee. I thought this was my 299th bird, but it was in fact my 298th. But still a cool bird and a fun weekend.

  32. Cowbird, Brown-headed. Travis and Karen's yard.
  33. Crane, Sandhill. This was back when I was shooting film. Probably taken with the Meyers.
  34. Creeper, Brown. I remember this was taken in the same park as where I got a cool daytime picture of the moon, but I can't remember if it was Colorado or Wyoming. Somewhere west.
  35. Crested Cara Cara
  36. Crossbill, Red
  37. Crow, American
  38. Crow, Fish
  39. Cuckoo, Yellow-billed
  40. Curlew, Long-billed
  41. Dove, Mourning
  42. Dove, Rock Pigeon

  43. Dove, White-winged
  44. Dowitcher, Long-billed. Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, 2016. On Blackpoint with David. This is another one that I am pretty sure I had back when I was shooting film, but for whatever reason, it never made it on to the list.

  45. Duck, American Widgeon
  46. Duck, Black-bellied Whistling
  47. Duck, Blue-wing Teal. I remember taking this at the Viera Wetlands, but I don't recall the year.
  48. Duck, Bufflehead
  49. Duck, Canvasback
  50. Duck, Cape-shell. Miami exotics trip with David around 2003.
  51. Duck, Fulvous Whistling. STA5, New Year's Eve, 2016
  52. Duck, Goldeneye
  53. Duck, Green-wing Teal
  54. Duck, Harlequin. Dec 30, 2013, Jacksonville. I got 3 lifers this day.
  55. Duck, Longtailed. CA 2012 with Charlie and Cindy.
  56. Duck, Mallard
  57. Duck, Mandarin. Dec 27, 2105 with Amy and David in Lakeland.
  58. Duck, Merganser, Hooded. I've seen these a million times over the years, and for some reason never got a picture before. I took this on the annual Christmas trip with the Meyers, 2014.
  59. Duck, Merganser, Red-breasted.  Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, 2016. Found this when I went out on my own birding at Black Point. 

  60. Duck, Muscovy
  61. Duck, Mottled
  62. Duck, Northern Pintail. I think this was the year of 21 duck species at MINWR on the annual Meyer's Christmas trip, maybe around 2003 or 2004, probably pre-David.
  63. Duck, White-cheeked Pintail
  64. Duck, Radjah Shellduck. David's Exotic Miami trip around 2003. 
  65. Duck, Redhead. Broadmoore, November 2014.
  66. Duck, Ring-neck
  67. Duck, Ruddy Shell. David's Exotic Miami trip around 2003.
  68. Duck, Ruddy
  69. Duck, Greater Scaup - I have this photo but it is corrupt. Need a new one.
  70. Duck, Lesser Scaup. 2008. Most likely taken on the Cocoa CBC.
  71. Duck, Shell. Dec 27, 2105 with Amy and David in Lakeland.
  72. Duck, Shoveler
  73. Duck, Wood. This was a free ranging wood duck at the Aligator farm in St. Augustine.
  74. Eagle, Bald. Not sure of year, but it looks like the St. Sebastian Buffer Preserve.
  75. Eagle, Golden. Alaska
  76. Egret, Cattle. My first trip to the Dry Tortugas. Might have been on our honeymoon, 2005.
  77. Egret, Great
  78. Egret, Reddish. This is one of the first bird pictures I took, back when I was still shooting film. But I don't remember where.
  79. Egret, Snowy
  80. Falcon, Gyr, Alaska
  81. Falcon, Peregrine. I got my life Peregrine at MINWR, but the picture came out awful. A day or two later, we attended a festival, and this guy was there with a rescue place. So although this is a captive bird, I really did have one in the wild the same week.
  82. Falcon, Prairie. I think this was a Garden of the Gods in Colorado. He flew right at me.
  83. Finch, Cassein
  84. Finch, House
  85. Flycatcher, Acadian
  86. Flycatcher, Dusky
  87. Flycatcher, Fork-tailed. I was working from home and bored out of my mind. David called to tell me there was a Forktailed Flycatcher at the preserve. I took a totally unauthorized break from work, grabbed my camera and headed over. I saw him, but he flew away. I treked off into the woods in hot pursuit. I was all bummed that I couldn't find him, and gave up and headed back the to parking lot. The silly bird was sitting right on the fence by my car when I got back. This is the picture on which I based the drawing on David's business card.
  88. Flycatcher, Great Crested
  89. Flycatcher, Least
  90. Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed, with David at Tico Airport in Titusville, February 26, 2017.
  91. Flycatcher, Vermillion. Orlando Wetlands.
  92. Frigatebird, Magnificent. We've seen these in the Dry Tortugas, but I'm pretty sure this particular lifer was taken on a boat on Tampa Bay on an Audubon trip.
  93. Gallinule, Common
  94. Gallinule, Purple. Green Cay.
  95. Gannet, Northern. A boat trip near Port Canaveral.
  96. Gnatcatcher, Blue-grey
  97. Godwit, Marbled
  98. Goldfinch, Lesser
  99. Goldfinch, American
  100. Goose, Bar-headed. David's Miami exotics trip around 2003.
  101. Goose, Canada
  102. Goose, Egyptian. David's Miami exotics trip around 2003.
  103. Goose, Hawiian. David's Miami exotics trip around 2003.
  104. Goose, Ross's. My life bird was with Bill Meyers at MINWR, but this photo was taken in California on the trip with Cindy and Charlie.
  105. Goose, Snow (blue morph). David's Miami exotics trip around 2003.
  106. Goose, White-fronted. 2012, CA with Cindy and Charlie. The second (better) shot was taken in 2015 at Lake Seminole State Partk in GA on Thanksgiving.

  107. Grackle, Boat-tailed
  108. Grackle, Common
  109. Grebe, Eared. A different work trip to CA, this was in a pond right near work, I got 3 life grebe species that day.
  110. Grebe, Horned. A different work trip to CA, this was in a pond right near work, I got 3 life grebe species that day.
  111. Grebe, Pied-bill
  112. Grebe, Red-necked.A different work trip to CA, this was in a pond right near work, I got 3 life grebe species that day.
  113. Grebe, Western. I am pretty sure this was taken at Viera on a Christmas day with the Meyers.
  114. Grosbeak, Black-headed
  115. Grosbeak, Blue
  116. Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
  117. Grosbeak, Evening
  118. Guineafowl, Helmeted. David's Miami exotics trip around 2003.
  119. Gull, Bonaparte's. Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, 2016. On Blackpoint with David. I've probably seen these before, but never got a picture.
  120. Gull, Greater Blackback
  121. Gull, Lesser Blackback
  122. Gull, California
  123. Gull, Franklin's
  124. Gull, Heerman's. Fort DeSoto, back when we were dating.
  125. Gull, Herring. Cocoa CBC, 2014. I saw the Heerman's gull above, and for years misread it as Herring Gull, so I didn't add this to my list this just this week.

  126. Gull, Iceland
  127. Gull, Laughing
  128. Gull, Ring-billed
  129. Gull, Mew. Alaska.
  130. Hawk, Cooper's. Taken in my yard in Fellsmere, I couldn't figure out why my feeders emptied so quickly.
  131. Hawk, Northern Harrier. I don't know when this picture was taken, but Bill Meyers taught me how to identify Harriers by the white on their tail.
  132. Hawk, Red-shoulder. Goodwin WMA parking lot.
  133. Hawk, Red-tailed. David and I were driving home to MA and stopped somewhere on the east coast to go hiking. Can't remember where we were, but I remember the park, it was where 3 states come together.
  134. Hawk, Sharp-shinned
  135. Hawk, Short-tailed. November 16, 2016, on Broadway in Fellsmere before a Ditch 13 trip with David.
  136. Hawk, Swainson's
  137. Heron, Bittern, American. November 2014, Broadmoore.
  138. Heron, Bittern, Least. Viera Wetlands.
  139. Heron, Great Blue. I think this is a shot from Great Meadows in Concord MA.
  140. Heron, Green. Viera Wetlands.
  141. Heron, Little Blue
  142. Heron, Black-crowned Night. I got this on a trip home, pre-David, on the Charles River. It was unidentified for years, I think either David or Travis finally told me what it was.
  143. Heron, Yellow-crowned Night
  144. Heron, Reef

  145. Heron, Tricolor
  146. Hummingbird, Allen's
  147. Hummingbird, Anna's
  148. Hummingbird, Black Chinned
  149. Hummingbird, Broad-tailed
  150. Hummingbird, Calliope
  151. Hummingbird, Ruby-throated
  152. Hummingbird, Rufous
  153. Ibis, Glossy
  154. Ibis, Sacred. Vero Wetlands, Dec 20, 2015, with Heather and David. Shown with Great Blue for size comparison.
  155. Ibis, White
  156. Jaeger, Parasitic
  157. Jaeger, Pomerine 
  158. Jay, Blue
  159. Jay, Florida Scrub
  160. Jay, Grey
  161. Jay, Stellar's. This was mine and David's first mutual life bird. We were hiking in Colorado or Wyoming, and David was coming down a hill that I was going up, and the bird flew right between us.
  162. Jay, Western Scrub. 2012 CA trip with Cindy and Charlie.
  163. Junco, Dark-eyed
  164. Kestrel. Cocoa CBC, around 2010.
  165. Killdeer
  166. Kingbird, Eastern
  167. Kingbird, Grey
  168. Kingbird, Tropical. STA5, New Years Eve 2016.
  169. Kingbird, Western
  170. Kingfisher, Belted. Viera Wetlands. This is still my nemesis bird, I don't think I'll ever get a good picture of one.
  171. Kinglet, Golden-crowned. Another business trip to CA, this was on a sidewalk near work.
  172. Kite, Snail. Joe Overstreet Landing.
  173. Kite, Swallowtail. Storm Water Park, Sebastian, 2014
  174. Kite, White-tailed
  175. Lark, Horned
  176. Limpkin. Cocoa CBC.
  177. Loon, Common
  178. Loon, Pacific
  179. Magpie. Colorado. For quite a while, this was the only bird that I had on my life list that David did not have. He has it now.
  180. Martin, Purple. Somewhere near Cape May.
  181. Meadowlark, Eastern. South Brevard CBC, on the Buffer Preserve.
  182. Meadowlark, Western. Business trip to CA, on a sidewalk near work.
  183. Merlin. Thanksgiving at Seminole State Park, 2012.
  184. Mockingbird
  185. Myna, Common
  186. Nighthawk, Antilean. Dry Tortugas.
  187. Nighthawk. Kissimmee Prairie State Park.
  188. Noddy, Brown Dry Tortugas.
  189. Nuthatch, Brown-headed. Lake Seminole State Park, GA, Thanksgiving 2015.

  190. Nuthatch, Pygmy. Colorado, Theresa and Chuck's wedding trip.
  191. Nuthatch, Red-breasted
  192. Nuthatch, White-breasted
  193. Oriole, Baltimore. Captain Forester's Hammock, Vero, 2014
  194. Oriole, Orchard. Lake Apopka Restoration Area Wildlife Drive, May 7, 2017, with David on our 12th anniversary.
  195. Oriole, Spot-breasted. David's Exotic Miami trip.
  196. Osprey
  197. Ovenbird
  198. Owl, Barn. These are the baby owls at Lake Apopka Restoration area. I didn't actually take this photo, Maria had one of those pole cameras and she took it using that as the box was up high.
  199. Owl, Barred
  200. Owl, Burrowing. Brian Picolo park in Fort Lauderdale.
  201. Owl, Great Horned. Goodwin WMA.
  202. Owl, Screech. The visitors center at the Enchanted Forest in Titusville.
  203. Owl, Snowy. Jacksonville, 2013.
  204. Oystercatcher, American
  205. Oystercatcher, Black. 2012, CA with Cindy and Charlie.
  206. Parakeet, Monk. Miami.
  207. Parakeet, Red-masked. Miami.
  208. Peacock. My yard, Fellsmere.
  209. Peewee, Western Wood
  210. Pelican, Brown. An early picture, back in my film days.
  211. Pelican, White
  212. Phalarope, Red
  213. Phoebe, Black. CA business trip, I identified this one myself, he was living at my hotel.
  214. Phoebe, Say's. CA 2012, with Cindy and Charlie.
  215. Phoebe
  216. Plover, Black-bellied
  217. Plover, Golden
  218. Plover, Piping. Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, Sept 4, 2015. I had gone to get the Snowy Plover, and this quay was hanging around with him.
  219. Plover, Semi-palmated
  220. Plover, Snowy. Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, Sept 4, 2015.

  221. Purple Swamphen. 2014, Broadmoor
  222. Ptarmigan, Willow. Alaska.
  223. Quail, California. 2014,
  224. Raven
  225. Razorbill. 2013, Sebastian Inlet.
  226. Redpoll, Alaska.
  227. Robin, American
  228. Roseate Spoonbill. MINWR.
  229. Sanderling
  230. Sandpiper, Least. Palm Coast with David, Mary and Jason, August 2016
  231. Sandpiper, Purple. Jacksonville, 2013.
  232. Sandpiper, Semipalmated
  233. Sandpiper, Solitary
  234. Sandpiper, Spotted. Indian River, near Merritt Island on boat trip with Good Natured Boat Tours. 12-Dec-2015 with David, Paddy Cunningham and an Audubon group.
  235. Scoter, Black
  236. Scoter, Surf
  237. Shrike, Loggerhead
  238. Siskin, Pine. Tim's birdfeeder, Vero.
  239. Skimmer, Black
  240. Snipe, Wilson's
  241. Sora. Stop 8 restroom, MINWR.
  242. Sparrow, Bachman's. 23-Feb-2020, St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park. With David and a group of people from Audubon on a swamp buggy trip. I free-handed these pictures with my iPhone held manually in front of David's scope as we didn't have a PhoneSkope that fits my phone.
  243. Sparrow, Brewer's
  244. Sparrow, Chipping
  245. Sparrow, Clay-colored
  246. Sparrow, Golden Crowned
  247. Sparrow, Grasshopper. Dry Tortugas. I was setting up to take his picture when the Cattle Egret whomped him. The sparrow is in the Cattle Egret;s mouth.
  248. Sparrow, House
  249. Sparrow, Lark, Fellsmere, City Hall, Sept 6, 2018. With David
  250. Sparrow, Lincoln's
  251. Sparrow, Savannah
  252. Sparrow, Song
  253. Sparrow, Vesper. Sebastian River Preserve State Park, Feb 15, 2015. I was very excited because I thought this was my 300th bird, but when I got home and counted I realized that David had told me my Ruby-crown Kinglet was a misidentified something else and I was bummed.

  254. Sparrow, White-crowned
  255. Spindalis, Western. March 28, 2021, Jungle Trail with David

  256. Starling, European
  257. Stilt, Black-neck. I think this was a Green Cay.
  258. Swallow, Bank
  259. Swallow, Barn
  260. Swallow, Cave. Lake Apopka Restoration Area Wildlife Drive. May 7, 2017, with David on our 12th anniversary.
  261. Swallow, Rough-winged. STA5, New Years Eve, 2016
  262. Swallow, Violet-green
  263. Swan, Black
  264. Swan, Black-neck
  265. Swan, Mute
  266. Tanager, Summer. This was on a hike with Travis in Karen at a park near their place in Blountston.
  267. Tern, Black. St. Augustine with David, and Jason and Mary.
  268. Tern, Caspian. Max Brewer Bridge, Titusville, with Pat and Bill on a Christmas day. One of the few (maybe only) Christmas trip where it rained.
  269. Tern, Forster's. Viera Wetlands. I was proud of myself, this is the first bird in flight I learned how to identify all by myself.
  270. Tern, Royal
  271. Tern, Sandwich. This is officially my 300th photographic lifebird!! Feb, 2015.

  272. Thrasher, Brown. Brasstown Bald in GA with the inlaws.
  273. Thrush, Hermit
  274. Thrush, Swainson's
  275. Thrush, Varied. Alaska
  276. Titmouse, Tufted
  277. Towhee, Brown
  278. Towhee, Eastern
  279. Towhee, Green-tailed
  280. Towhee, Spotted
  281. Turkey (wild) Kissimmee Prairie.
  282. Turnstone, Black. 2012, CA with Cindy and Charlie
  283. Turnstone, Ruddy. Dry Tortugas on our honeymoon.
  284. Veery
  285. Vireo, Blue-headed. February 11, 2018 with David and tour group from the Birds of a Feather Fest. Picture taken at NERR Dam.
  286. Vireo, Red-eyed. Sept 30, 2017 with David in Vero at Riverside park. I was playing Pokemon when a big mixed flock of warblers flew in, but I didn't have my camera. I brought David back later to help me ID them.
  287. Vireo, Thick-billed. We had to stop and get this on our wat to our honeymoon.
  288. Vireo, Warbling
  289. Vireo, White-eyed. Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, Pish-free Birding Trip, 2015. This had formerly long been one of my nemisis birds.

  290. Vireo, Yellow-throated. Sept 30, 2017 with David in Vero at Riverside park. I was playing Pokemon when a big mixed flock of warblers flew in, but I didn't have my camera. I brought David back later to help me ID them.
  291. Vulture, Black
  292. Vulture, Turkey. One of my favorite birds.
  293. Warbler, American Redstart. Dry Tortugas. One of the first birds I learned to identify by behavior.
  294. Warbler, Black and White
  295. Warbler, Black-throated Blue
  296. Warbler, Black-throated Green. Stormwater park, Sebastian. I actually thought this was a lifer for me, but it just so happened that when we got home from our walk, I was going through some old Dry Tortugas photos to help David promote a trip, and I found that I had a Black-throated Green Warbler back in 2012 that I had never identified correctly.
  297. Warbler, Blackpol
  298. Warbler, Cape May
  299. Warbler, Chat, Yellow-breasted. I don't remember where this was taken, but I remember it was shortly after I had weightloss surgery and I still was not allowed to eat anything and I was hungry and mean. We were driving up the coast to my parents house and stopped somewhere to go birding. We saw this going up a hill.
  300. Warbler, Chestnut-sided
  301. Warbler, Common Yellowthroat
  302. Warbler, Hooded (leucistic). Dry Tortugas.
  303. Warbler, Magnolia
  304. Warbler, Nashville. April 15, 2017, with David and SCAS at Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay.
  305. Warbler, Orange-crown. Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, Pish-free Birding Trip, 2015

  306. Warbler, Palm. Bill Meyers taught me how to identify this bird by the way it pumps it's tail when it's hanging around.
  307. Warbler, Parula
  308. Warbler, Pine
  309. Warbler, Prairie
  310. Warbler, Prothonitary  - I took this at an Audubon Assembly I think on Honeymoon Island. Andy Bankert told me where to find it and low and behold, it was right where he said.
  311. Warbler, Tennessee
  312. Warbler, Townsend's
  313. Warbler, Wilson's
  314. Warbler, Worm-eating. Dry Tortugas. My life bird was with David, he said the name of the bird and I thought he was joking, it sounded like a made up name. I have since come to realize that David never jokes where birds are concerned.
  315. Warbler, Yellow-rump
  316. Warbler, Yellow-throat
  317. Waterthrush, Louisiana
  318. Waxwing, Bohemian. Alaska.
  319. Waxwing, Cedar. A park in downtown Cocoa when I still lived in Rockledge.
  320. Wimbrel
  321. Willet
  322. Woodcock, American. Lake Koon, on the way home from Thanksgiving 2015. We got great looks at this bird, but my camera was in the trunk and I couldn't get out of the car without scaring the bird, so we had to take the picture with the iPhone.

  323. Woodpecker, Downy
  324. Woodpecker, Flicker
  325. Woodpecker, Hairy. Shirley's feeder in Concord MA.
  326. Woodpecker, Pileated
  327. Woodpecker, Red-bellied. Green Cay. Still one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.
  328. Woodpecker, Red-cockaded. DuPuis WMA, Palm Beach County, with David Feb 18, 2017.
  329. Woodpecker, Red-headed. Tall Timbers.
  330. Woodpecker, Williams
  331. Woodpecker, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. This was in a Burger King parking lot, coming home from a birding trip.
  332. Woodstork. One of my first bird pictures, and the very first bird I learned to identify babies vs. adults. In Cocoa, in what is now our area on the Cocoa CBC.
  333. Wren, Carolina
  334. Wren, House. Birds of a Feather Fest. Matanzas field trip that David and I were leading, on boardwalk. I didn't realize this was a lifer till weeks after the festival when I finally downloaded the pictures.
  335. Wrentit
  336. Yellowlegs, Greater
  337. Yellowlegs, Lesser

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