Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Had an awesome Thanksgiving at Lake Seminole State Park in GA. Here are some of the highlights.

 David led a birdwatching hike. Before we even started, a red-headed woodpecker came out and said hi to us.
Everyone getting great looks at the woodpecker. And me,
of course, without my long lens. Du-oh!
This was my first life bird of the trip, a Brown-headed Nuthatch.
The other lifer was an American Woodcock on our way home.
Amy, chilling in a rocker after as our hike was winding down.
Uncle Duncan taking a picture of Dan.
Amy, Uncle Duncan, and Aunt Nancy (M).
Mom and Nancy.
Amy and Beth.
The menfolk goofing off while the womenfolk slaved away in the kitchen after lunch.
Last year, Amy started a tradition where we draw on a big canvas table cloth every year. These are mine and mom's contributions this year.
This is the whole tablecloth (well, the parts that are drawn on.)
 David, looking grumpy because I was taking a picture of him with cupcake frosting in his beard. But he is still adorable.
Scott, looking dapper.
Amy, looking adorable.
Uncle Sherm, and his toothpick.
Aunt Nancy (C) on the porch.
The entire group. Back row:  Beth, David, Amy, Nancy (M), Duncan, Nancy (C), Sherm, Non-evil Santa. Front row: Me, Dad, Scott, Barbara, Mom, Kathy, and Tom.
The cousins with non-evil Santa: Amy, David, Beth, Scott, moi.
Mom, Kathy, and Nancy. One of the highlights of the weekend was when they performed a concert for us. I have it on video for posterity.
Dad, mom, Tom, Kathy, Duncan, and Nancy. I love the look on Nancy's face here, so adorable.
The womenfolk: Barbara, Mom, Beth, Kathy, Nancy (C), Nancy (M), Beth, and me.
 The menfolk: Tom, Duncan, Dad, Sherm, David, Scott.
The older experienced generation: Barbara, Duncan, Mom, Kathy, Dad, Nancy (M), Tom, Nancy (C), and Sherm.
The menfolk having an in-depth conversation regarding the construction of the reindeer.
The entire group (sans moi, I was taking the picture) in Candyland.
Me, David, Scott, Amy and Beth in Candyland.
Nancy by the Candyland sign.
Amy and Beth going for a cupcake in Candyland.

This is a pretty magnificent park. The greens are really green
and the blues are really blue.