Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Easy Street Park

I went up to Easy Street Park for my 8 am blog this morning. These are the extra pictures. Really easy to take pictures there, I think the duckies and geese must get fed a lot.

An adult and baby Egyptian Goose.
Adult Egyptian Goose posing nice
This Egyptian Goose looks like he has a handprint on his chest.
Chinese Goose.
 This was odd. There were 2 Musovy Ducks feeding on something in a tree.
I don't recall seeing ducks feeding from a tree before.
I think this was another Chinese Goose.

I think this is the Greylag Goose.
A Pekin Duck who just had her hair done.
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." 

Click to enlarge, then check out this Mallard's face. He totally has a dog face on his bill.
I thought this was a nice picture, but I think David would say that the only thing worse than one Muscovy Duck is two.
This picture made me laugh, they looked like two little old ladies who just had their hair done.

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