Tuesday, February 14, 2017

8 am Blog Rejects

The police stopped me on my morning walk this morning, apparently a neighbor called them because they thought I looked suspicious. That made me a little sad as I try to smile and say hi to everyone I see when I'm out walking and taking bird pictures, but I guess it's just the times we live in. I asked the police to give the neighbor my card, hopefully they will come out and say hi when they see me walking next time, or maybe join David and I for a tour or one of our birding talks.

Overall it was a nice walk, I got a few decent pix. Still having some issues with lighting, not sure what I did to my poor camera. I wound up using a Carolina Wren on my 8 a.m. blog, here are a few shots that I didn't use.

A Mockingbird. It was quiet when I started, I thought I might have to use him as my picture of the day again.
A Mourning Dove. I thought of a great poem to use for this photo, but then I found the Carolina Wren, which are way harder to get pictures of than doves, so I will save that entry for another day.
Two Turkey Vultures, just chilling.
I liked this picture, it made me laugh. Something about it reminds me of the old movies stars from the 20s wearing those huge fur coats.

I was going to try to come up with a funny caption for this one, but I just really loved the picture and thought it should stand on it's own. You don't really see Black and Turkey Vultures just chilling together like this. Fun fact: Turkey vultures have a good sense of smell, and Black vultures do not. So sometimes Black Vultures will just follow the Turkey Vultures around to find food.

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