Friday, February 5, 2016

Birds of a Feather Festival, 2016

We had a great time as always at the Birds of a Feather Fest in Palm Coast. Here are a few highlights.

This was our first trip, 7 am, and about 80 below zero at Matanzas inlet. Windy and COLD.
But, I did get a lifer! I went back to my car to get my Sibleys, and happened across this guy.
I didn't realize it was a lifer till I got home and David helped me ID it as a House Wren. Cute little bugger!
Taking a good shot of a Snowy Egret is shooting fish in a barrel.
 This picture makes me laugh. To me it looks like a bunch of grumpy old men looking at something that displeases them greatly.
I really am not into gull ID, but it is interesting when you really look at them, how varied and different they really are.
How many species do you see in this picture?
We led the gull fly in field trip to Daytona Beach Shores. The wind was whipping so bad I got wind burned on my face. And the temperature was about 80 below zero by this point.
But I have to say, it is pretty impressive seeing a huge, steady stream of gulls fly into the beach.
I have no idea how many species there really were here, but I think it was only 2 or 3.
So yeah, we spent most of the day leading trips on the windswept, FREEZING cold beach. Then we came back to a restaurant for dinner. And sitting out side the restaurant was this beautiful baby great horned owl. All that time, freezing, just to find out that we could have just sat around eating and got our best bird of the day!

As always, it was a super fun festival, looking forward to next year's already!