Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yet more rejects from the 8 a.m. blog

The robins were going nuts for this Brazilian Pepper tree. I think some of these pictures came out better than the one I used for my blog, but the one I used for my blog told a story, and none of these really did.
I was gonna use this one, but it's slightly out of focus.

Some grackles. If these 4 birds were going to form a band, this would be their album cover.
I was bummed out, I really wanted to use this picture, but it didn't come out as spectacular as he looked in real life. His eye was the color of the sky, and it looked like you could see through his head.
This one is out of focus, but I really liked the look on his face. Most birds look really silly when they look at you face on.
One of my favorite, if not my most favorite bird, the Turkey Vulture. I played with the color on this a little, but he really was this bright and majestic.

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