Saturday, January 21, 2017


Had a great time at Birdapalooza today. Met some super people including an awesome little girl who came over as I was packing up. We went through all my bird puppets and cut outs and she told me the ones she has seen and knows. We talked for about 15 minutes. She was so amazing and gave me a renewed sense of hope and reminded what I love so much about teaching beginning birding.

In addition to that, I also got some helpful Pokemon tips from some birders, and oh yeah, I also got the best shots I have ever gotten of a Pileated Penguin (haha, inside joke for Amy :-) Click to enlarge pix.

 There was something in the tree (David theorized carpenter ants) that the bird was nomming on so hard that he didn't even care that we were there taking pictures. We weren't close enough to disturb him, but these were still the best pix I've ever gotten of a Pilleated.

Although I wasn't able to attend one of the women's marches today, I did feel kind of good that maybe I helped to fan the flames of science and knowledge in this little girls heart, as well all of the people who attended my classes both today and earlier in the week.

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