Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Manatee Watches, January 10 and 11

It's been a little chilly lately, so the manatees are starting to come into the spillway. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today's manatee watches.

I had 17 manatees yesterday, and 13 today. This one had lots of barnacles. They get barnacles when they go from salt water to fresh and are generally harmless.
This is a green heron who flew down to check out my water thermometer. I like this picture because, due to the angle, he looks like he has a googly eye glued to the side of his head. (click the picture to enlarge to see it.)
 See my 8 a.m. blog for details of this one.
Can't remember the name of this plant. Similar to Brazilian pepper but isn't.
I fall more in love with this park every day.
Just a beautiful place.
This is the other side of the spillway.

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