Saturday, April 15, 2017

Turkey Creek

Had a great day out with David and a group from SCAS today. Got an unexpected lifer (my 329th life bird) - Nashville Warbler (see below). I also got a Ring-neck Snake that I used for my daily blog picture today.

Mentzelia floridana, commonly known as "Poor Man's Patch" because the leaves stick to your clothing, like a patch.
Why we don't wear flip-flops while hiking in Florida.
Not a good picture, but it was a life bird for me - the Nashville Warbler.
A slightly better picture of the Nashville Warbler, and at least you can see his field marks for positive ID.
Yet another shot of the Nashville Warbler.
Something about the look on this Cardinal's face made me laugh. "Heyyyy.... do I know you from somewhere? Aren't you the old battle axe that my friends the Swallows were picking on the other day?"
It wouldn't be a trip to Turkey Creek without a Gopher Tortoise!

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