Thursday, April 6, 2017

Brown Thrashers

The Brown Thrasher is a notoriously secretive bird. They usually stay close to the ground and are well disguised in dense brush. Not sure if it was the weather or just breeding season, but literally before I got out of my car at the park today I spotted 2 Brown Thrashers. These are the first good photos I've ever gotten of them. Days like today make me regret deciding to only use one photo every day for my 8 am blog. Here are the rejects from today's blog.

Love that pretty chestnut color on the back.
The heavy streaking on the front is a good field mark.
 The yellow eyes are pretty distinct too.
 "This is my hawk imitation."
This pair wasn't sitting quite close enough to get them both in focus...
 ...but this series made me laugh because the pictures came out looking like those super cheesy wedding photos where the bride is in focus and the groom is just background.
 A time for us....
 ...some day they'll be...
What am awesome little poser.

"Ok. Go home. Stop taking pictures of me now before I open up a can of Sean Penn on your sorry picture taking butt."

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