Friday, April 14, 2017

More Tree Swallows

You ever feel like the birds are just messing with you? Today I went to Goodwin WMA again. I walked about 2 miles, but it was strangely quiet. I did get a pretty cool shot of a Turkey Vulture for my daily blog, but there wasn't much else out there. I saw a few dead snakes which made me sad, I wish people would drive slower on the berm Anyway, so I walked all that way with very few pictures to show for it. Then I got back to my car and saw this right beside my car. I swear they were laughing at me.

"Hahahaha the fat old lady just walked 2 miles to get a 'good' picture!" 
"Hahahaha and she carried that big camera the whole way!" 
"Hahaha she looks tired! Hahaha! And she is sweating! And it's starting to rain! HAHAHAHA"

I think Tree Swallows might be jerks.

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  1. Loved this blog Dee. You always see the funny side of life and birding. Have a wonderful weekend!