Friday, March 10, 2017

Yet Still More Unused Photos From the 8 am Blog

Here are some unused photos from this week.

Black Vultures guarding the entrance to T.M Goodwin.
Aside from the poopy legs thing, they really are a remarkably beautiful bird. They remind me of Barty. Except Barty is a cat and doesn't poop on his own legs.
A BA alligator.
Close up of the gator's head.
A Starling nomming on a Mole Cricket.
A House Sparrow.
Another shot of the House Sparrow. This would have been my 8 a.m. shot of the day, but I wound up going with a silly joke instead.
I used a different pose of this guy for my 8 a.m. blog.
This was a different White Ibis, with less mud on his beak.

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