Sunday, March 12, 2017

Green Cay

We went down to Palm Beach county today to Green Cay and the zoo. I took over 800 pictures today, and have about 500 zoo photos to still edit down. Here are the shots I liked from Green Cay, will post zoo photos tomorrow. As always, click to enlarge.

A Cardinal posed nicely for me. Such a simple and beautiful bird. I love the color, and often dress in red in black myself. And my car is red and black.
This is an Ovenbird. I so wanted this to by my picture of the day, but I wasn't happy with the quality of the photo, too grainy. So I used something else as my photo of the day.
Blue Jay. I know they don't have the most pleasant disposition, and are the bullies of the bird feeder, but they can be quite photogenic little boogers.
Common Gallinule.
My favorite sighting of the day. The Cormorant was ok too.
Love the crazy emerald eyes of the Cormorant.
A Tricolor Heron looking all ballerina-y.
A Grey-headed Swamp Hen.

Female Blue-wing Teal with her nose all in the air.
Blue-wing Teal
Green-wing Teal
Blue-wing Teal
Another Grey-headed Swamp Hen.
One of my favorite birds, the Pied-bill Grebe. They look like they are sinking, but are so insanely adorable.
A Screech Owl.
A mom and baby Common Gallinule. I used a different shot of them for my photo of the day. 
I don't really know what it's like to live at Green Cay, but this Red-wing Blackbird sure looks happy to be there.
A juvenile Purple Gallinule. He posed really nicely for us.
He was totally all like, "Take my picture, take my picture, take my picture."
 "Now look at me from the other side. Aren't I totally just as pretty?"
A really perfect looking Anhinga. I wasn't up close, maybe he had bad breath or something. But from a distance he sure was perfect.
A BA gator,
David has always told me that Coot have "lobed toes" but I never really understood what he meant until I saw this picture. Click to enlarge to see what "lobed toes" are.
Gallinule also have cool feet. They are so huge.
A Dragonfly. I think it's a 4 Pendant?
My second favorite critter of the day (second only to David), a little, tiny, baby alligator. He was so sweet. I'm sure his mom was close by though, and not nearly as sweet.
And, as a preview for tomorrow's post, here is a Bald Eagle shot that I got at the zoo.

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