Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rejects from 8 a.m Blog

Today I totally thought I was going to use a Palm Warbler who posed so nicely for me for my 8 a.m. blog. But then a Savannah Sparrow landed. To be honest, he was skittish and I wasn't even sure I got the picture, so this was basically an accident. But I've really never gotten a good picture of a Savannah Sparrow before, and David said they are starting to leave for the year, so I really had to use it for the 8 a.m. blog. But here are the reject pictures from today, which if I do say so myself aren't half bad.

 A Palm Warbler jumping.
A Palm Warbler giving me a dirty look. Not sure what I did wrong.
I think he was mad at me.
A Roseate Spoonbill carrying nesting material.
A different Palm Warbler who just took a bath.
This was going to be my picture of the day till I found the Savannah Sparrow picture.
Another shot of the post-bath Palm Warbler.
And a Limpkin having breakfast.


  1. Great pics as always. Thanks Dee!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I really appreciate knowing that you read and enjoy the blog :-)