Friday, February 6, 2015

Play Date with David

It's my last week before I go back to work, so David and I decided to have a play date. We went to McKee Gardens in Vero to see their Lego in Nature exhibit. It was quite spectacular. Here are some pix:

 David checking out the Lego hummingbird.
 The detail on all of the sculptures was amazing.
This was one of my favorites. The fact that the Lego Goldfinches were eating from a feeder full of Lego cracked me up.
David being amused by the Goldfinches.
They had a "build your own" place. I made a Roseate Spoonbill.
David made a one legged man wearing a hat.
A lego lily pad with frog.
A lego koi jumping out of the pond.
 A Lego bee
A Lego sprouting acorn.
A Lego rose
A Lego butterfly
A real, non-Lego flower that I thought was really pretty.
Me and David. Notice his binoculars!
I think this was my absolute favorite. Check out the bird on the mama bison's back!
A Lego Blue Darner.
A fox...
A bunny...
David called this one "Lego Predation"
A non-Lego bench that I thought was really pretty.
A Lego lawnmower. We walked by this at first, not realizing it wasn't real.
And, of course it wouldn't be a day out without real birds too. This is a real, non-Lego Roseate Spoonbill we saw at Goodwin after we left McKee.

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