Friday, December 26, 2014

ELC Boat Trip

I was invited to take some pictures on the ELC "Floating Classroom" today. It was a blast! Here are some pictures.  Click to enlarge.

Our fearless leader, Heather, fearlessly leading us down to the boat.
"You're taking a picture? Wait let me smooth out my feath..."
An Osprey, looking all poser-y.
Two brown pelicans chatting.
"Who you calling looney??"
"Well, helloooo there!"
American Oyster Catcher calisthenics.

"Lift one leg..."
"Now lift your wings..."
"Now lift both feet..."
Double-crested Cormorants, milling about and chatting.
I like now Cormorants always look like they are paying attention to some unseen teacher.
An Osprey, who thinks he is discretely eating a snack, but isn't actually being that discrete at all.

"Om nom nom nom nom."
Close up of the Oyster Catcher. Look at that crazy orange eye!
Heather explaining dem crazy bones.
Going under the bridge back to the ELC.
Returning safely to the ELC doc after another amazing trip!

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