Friday, February 6, 2015

The Big Remodel

Another thing I did with my time off of work was I finally did some remodeling (by "I", I mean, I moved everything and then paid Lee's Flooring to put in new floors for me, then I put stuff back and did a few other things here and there.) Here are the before and afters:

 The office floor before. Noticed the stains and general yuckiness.
 The office floor after. Much brighter in here now.
 Another view of the office floor.
This floor is NummyMuffinCoocolButter approved.
The guest bath before. Notice the damage where Maggie tore up the paper-thin cheap linoleum.
 The guest bath after.
The bedroom floor before. I had torn up the carpet before this picture was taken because it was just too disgusting to live with anymore.
The bedroom after. It's amazing how much brighter it is with the bed moved and brighter floor.
Another view of the bedroom.
The closet, all cleaned out and new floor.
The master bath. Same ugly cheap linoleum as the rest of the house.
The master bath after.

Thanks to Lee's Flooring, my house actually looks like responsible adults live here! Ok, well, the rooms that they did look like that, the other rooms still look like a frat house. But those rooms will get done some day too!

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