Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Owl Box Project (Part 3 of 3)

Teddy and Brice painting the box
white to keep the sun down.
Adding the finishing touches,
as the clouds rolled in.

Loading the truck back onto
the trailer. Time to move on to a
new location!

The final location is field near a
dilapitated barn that will be
torn down.

Teddy, painting the back of the
box before installing it.

A swallowed-tail kite, checking
out the new owl-condo going
up. There goes the neighborhood!

Brice and Teddy, balancing
the box.

Giving the box a final coat
of paint.

Packing the truck back up.
Thanks so much to Maria, Gian, Teddy, Brice, and David from SJWMD, and Ralph, Susan, Steve, Andy, David, Dan, and Sarah from Space Coast Audubon, for helping to make this owl-box dream come true!

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