Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Owl Box Project (Part 1 of 3)

The Owl Box Project began in 2002, when the Space Coast Audubon Society was the recipient of a generous donation which was given in the hopes that we could build owl boxes in memory of a gentleman who loved an owl that visited him regularly. (Click here to read the whole story.)

The hard part of this project was finding the appropriate need. Finally, one day last fall, our vice president, while on a Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival field trip, found the perfect need. At the Lake Apopka Restoration Area, there is a small group of Barn Owls that have taken up residence in some silos that are slated to be torn down. Seizing this opportunity, Space Coast Audubon decided that this is where our owl boxes should be placed.

After discussion with Gian Basili from the St. John's Water Management District, we decided on our design and built the boxes. On June 2, 2005, the boxes were installed! The Space Coast Audubon Society would sincerely like to thank Gail Jackson whose generous donation has made this possible.

Here is Dee, sanding
the prototype.
 Here is Dee, still sanding
the prototype. It was rough.

Dee did a whole lot of
sanding that day.
David, wondering where
we went wrong.

David, doing a Sean Penn. He did
not want to be photographed...

David, displaying our almost
finished prototype.

David, displaying our almost
finished prototype. Notice the
C-clamp we used in a sad attempt
to straighten the warped wood.

Realizing that the owls would die of
old age by the time Dee and David finished,
they enlisted the help of grown ups.
Here are Ralph and Steve.

Ralph, installing the front door.

Steve and Ralph assembling.

Steve and Ralph assembling.   

Steve and Ralph assembling.
Steve and Ralph assembling.
Steve and Ralph assembling.
Dee, still sanding. It's not safe to give
her pointy tools.
Ta-dahhhh! Our first completed box!

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