Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Owl Box Project (Part 2 of 3)

Steve and Ralph, starting box #3.
Steve, putting the hinges on the roof.

The whole workshop, also known
as Dee's garage.

Steve and Ralph, doing some
touch up.

Dee, STILL sanding!!

Andy and Steve, starting box #4.

Steve, Ralph and Andy,

Time to call in the big guns --
Susan arrives to supervise!

Susan, putting the final touch on
-- drainage holes in the bottom. Notice the
stack of completed owl boxes behind
her to the left.

Delivering the owl boxes to
Maria Zondervan, Senior Land Resource
Planner at the St. Johns River Water
Management District

Sarah Linney and Dee made
the last two boxes, proving
that it is safe to give Dee pointy
tools after all.

The big day is here: Installation!
By the time Dee arrived* 4 boxes had
already been installed, and the folks from
the St. John's Water Management District were
just finishing up this one. 

The barn that will be torn down. Although
we didn't see any owls in this barn, there
was plenty of evidence that they have been
hanging out there (droppings, pellets,
little tiny Mouse-Head beer bottles smashed
 on the ground)

Part of the team who installed the
boxes, from L-R: Teddy Spann and
Gian Basili from the St. John's Water
Management District, and Brice Merritt, an
intern who did much of the prep work, including
mounting and painting the boxes.
Not shown is Maria Zondervan who was
 instrumental in organizing this.

David Brown, also from the St. John's
Water Management District, handing
one of the new boxes that Dee brought
with her, up to Teddy in the cherry picker.

Teddy and Brice, mounting the
box. This box is mounted just
down the road from where Dee
got her life Groove-billed Ani a few
months ago.

Brice, adjusting the box. We placed dried grass
inside so that some lucky owl will have a
furnished apartment.


  1. So have Bsrn owls nested there? do you have a follow-up please?

  2. Hi, owls started nesting in our boxes immediately after we installed them. This photo from my life list is some of our babies:

    Many (if not all) of the boxes we built are no longer there. Most have been replaced by fancy, sturdier boxes that withstand storms and the Florida sun a little better. As far as I know though, there is still quite a healthy Barn Owl population out there now.