Friday, May 12, 2017

Goodwin Wildlife Management Area

Took a quick walk out to Goodwin to try out my new camera holster. The verdict is still out on the holster, but I did get a few nice shots. These are the rejects from my 8 a.m. blog, go there to see what I did use today!

Common Yellowthroat. One of my favorite warblers, but the picture's a little blurry.
Young American Alligator. Notice the darker color and he still has tail stripes. Those go away when he reaches maturity. He also stops thinking gator farts are funny when he reaches maturity.
A Red-shouldered Hawk falling off a tree. Actually he was taking off, but he kinda looks like he is falling.
A Woodstork. I almost used this for my photo of the day, but it's a little dark.

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