Monday, December 25, 2023

Annual Family Christmas Portraits

I've been forcing David and the cats to do an annual portrait since Nummy and Pita were babies. You can gradually see the cats become less tolerant of it through the years. Here is the whole collection of portraits for your enjoyment, or horror, depending on how you feel about making cats pose for pictures:

December 25, 2023 - David, Maggie and me. Lisa, as usual, refused to pose. Sadly, we lost my sweetheart NummyMuffinCoocolButter on Dec 5.  

December 25, 2022 - NummyMuffinCoocolButter, Me, Maggie and David. I love the way Maggie looks evil and Nummy is looking at her like he is surprised at her being mean, whilst he is totally all chill. Hah! You can't tell, but Nummy really didn't want his picture taken today either!

December 25, 2021 - NummyMuffinCoocolButter, Me, Maggie and David. Sadly we lost our little bitty Barty on Dec 8 this year. Lisa is still around but alas, still refuses to pose. 

December 25, 2020 - NummyMuffinCoocolButter, Me, and David. Bart, Lisa and Maggie refused to pose this year. Nummy didn't want to pose either, but I was able catch him and make him. You would think that I was torturing him. He takes after his father. 

December 25, 2019 - Maggie, David, Me, and NummyMuffinCoocolButter. Barty and Lisa declined to pose this year.

December 25, 2018 - Barty, David, Me.

December 25, 2018 - Barty, David, Maggie, Me. I don't think we will ever get Lisa to pose with us again - in fact I was surprised when I looked back and realized that she posed in 2010 - I think that might be a typo.

December 25, 2018 - Barty, David, Me, NummyMuffinCoocolButter. Sadly, we lost PITA to diabetes this year. On the one hand, we miss him, on the other hand there is less bloodshed in the house during picture taking time.

December 4, 2017 -
David, Pita, and me. Pita was not a happy camper. He is our grumpy old man now.

December 4, 2017 - David, NummyMuffinCoocolButter, and me. Nummy posed nice, but he sure didn't want to.

December, 2016 - Maggie, David, Me and NummyMuffinCoocolButter. We rejected this one from being on our card because David's hat was in front of my face. But I do like the way Nummy looks somewhat angelic here. But we all know better.
December, 2016 - Maggie, David, Bart and me. We rejected this one because David's hat was covering my face again and the back drop was crooked. But Maggie and Barty posed pretty well.
December, 2016 - Maggie, David, Me and NummyMuffinCoocolButter. Third time's a charm - this is the version we put on our holiday card.

December, 2015 Pita. Little twit can't pose this nice when it's a group shot!

December, 2015 with Nummy and Pita.

December, 2014 with Pita and Nummy.

December, 2013 with Pita. No one else would pose this year, what a bunch of party pooper kitties we have. This year, Barty refused to pose at all, even after being offered salmon treats. Pita was surprisingly tolerant this year.

December, 2012 with Nummy looking particularly psycho.
December, 2012 with Pita looking quite photogenic, but I forgot to take off my glasses
December, 2012 with Pita.
December, 2011 - Test shot with me and Pita
December, 2011 - with Barty and Nummy with an evil eye
December, 2011 - With Nummy and Barty, but I forgot to take off my glasses.
December, 2011 - with Barty and Nummy
December, 2010 -  with Pita and Barty
December, 2010 -  Rare shot of Lisa and Barty
December, 2009 - with Pita looking psycho and Nummy. In fact, you can see that my forehead is bleeding. I think it was Pita who whacked me right before we took the picture.
December, 2009 with Barty
December, 2008 with Barty
December, 2008 with Pita and Nummy
December, 2007 with Pita and Nummy
December, 2006 with Pita and Nummy