Friday, August 22, 2014

The Public Art of Indian River County

There's a lot of nature in Indian River County, but there is also a lot of really cool public art, to which this page is dedicated. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Let's start off in beautiful downtown Fellsmere. All of these were carved by R&S Woodcarving.

This is my favorite one. I like how from this view it frames the "Welcome to Fellsmere" water tower.
I love the detail, the black marbles used for eyes. This is located on Broadway, near the corner of 512, by the school.
This Alligator is also on Broadway, kitty corner from Marsh Landing.
This Eagle is at the very end of Broadway. These carvings remind me a bit of sand sculptures in that they are not permanent - they are made from dead tree stumps that will decay as time goes on. This is one of the older sculptures, you can see it's decaying at the base.
These bears are on North Hickory.
another thing I love about these carvings is that they are subtle, hidden gems. I drove by this on the way home from Marsh Landing about a million times, and only noticed it recently.
 This bird is also on North Hickory.
These raccoons are also in North Hickory. This one reminds me of my mom, she would have liked it. Heck, she would have wanted it in her yard!
Another view of the raccoons.
Funny thing here. I shot these pictures all on the same day. When I was walking home, I saw this and thought it was a hummingbird carving. On closer inspection, I realized it is not, but it totally should be!!

Leave a note in the comments here if you know of a piece of Indian River public art that you would like to see added here!

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