Saturday, May 28, 2016

McKee Gardens

One of the coolest things about being a Bok Tower member is that they have a reciprocal agreement with a bunch of other museums and gardens in Florida, including McKee Botanical Gardens right here in Vero Beach. Heather and I took a stroll through there this morning. Here's some pictures:

The big attraction at McKee right now is this series of sculptures made by a guy they call "The Stickman"
 The sculptures are made from willow branches, and they are intended to be left in place until they decay naturally.
Here is Heather inside one.
And me inside one.
Heather inside the sculpture, me outside.
As always, the grounds at McKee are amazing.
This looked like a creamcicle, but I was a little hungry.
Make sure you enlarge this picture - there are weird little blue bees flying around the pink thingy.
A dragonfly sitting on a pink thingy that hasn't blossomed yet.
Fishies in one of the ponds.
A pink flower with his arms outstretched.
A very perfect purple flower.
Another slightly different purple flower.
Part of a plant with curly thingies.
Heather asked me if the camera does macro. Here is a ant.
Another close up of an orange flower that had looked like it was singing and had a slight mustache on it's lower lip. Must be a baritone.
More ants and singing flowers with mustaches. Or maybe they are gold fishes.
A pointy red flower.
I just liked this leaf. I think I will paint or draw it later.
This flower looks like a line of flamings doing a conga dance.
These flowers looked like dancing ladies in swirling skirts.
This was an actual critter, a millipede of some kind. Well, I think it was a millipede, but I didn't actually count.
I took this picture for mom, it looks like a sunflower, but a totally different color.
This was a red pineapple. I don't think this kind is edible though. Well, I mean, I guess technically anything is edible if you are hungry enough, but that doesn't mean it won't kill you.
A widdle bitty bunny came out to say hi to us.
Did I mention it is a beautiful day here today?
I love the bumpy things on this plant. I wish I knew braille. But then again, maybe it says something like, "Stop touching me."
A flouncy red and yellow flower. I wish I had a dress that looked like this.
Lobster claws. I didn't taste one though, so can't vouch for the tastiness of them.
A softball made of little yellow flowers.
This looks like that opera house in Australia.
Heather theorized that maybe they tried painting the opera house green first and then changed their mind when they saw the white one.
Loved the color on this plant. I would like a fancy velour tuxedo in these colors.
More dancing ladies, but in different color dresses than the ones we saw earlier.
A different bumpy plant. 

If you want to know the actual names of the plants, go up to McKee gardens, most of them have name tags. And don't forget that if you are a Bok Tower member, you get in free.


  1. Heather's theories are a bit sketchy .. and lack supporting evidence. *lol* Gorgeous photos.