Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vero Wetlands

I took a stroll with Heather at the wetlands. Lots of activity.

 Breeding plumage Little Blue Heron.
A Snail Kite.
 The Snail Kite with a Limpkin. This isn't a great quality photograph, but I thought it was cool that I got a picture of 2 snail eaters together.
This is a series of 2 Great Blues building a nest. I think it tells a story:

Him: I done brung you a stick for the baby!
Her: Thank you dear.
Her: I'll put it right here with all the other sticks.
Him: I'm a super awesome provider.

Her: (thinking to herself: A STICK? I wanted a fricken fish! What the hell am I gonna do with another stick? I'm so very hungry....
And finally a smiling Glossy Ibis. I love when birds smile for me!

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