Saturday, December 12, 2015

Good Natured River Tour, Sebastian Inlet, and Pelican Island

I have a million things I was supposed to do this weekend, but instead, David and I (and Paddy and an Audubon group) did a boat tour with Good Natured River Tours on the Indian River.  The photo came out horrible, but I also added bird 306 to my Photographic Life List, Spotted Sandpiper. 

After the boat tour, we spent some time at Sebastian Inlet, then Pelican Island. Click on pictures to enlarge. 

Always my favorite sighting - the rare and elusive Husband bird. Also known as Simposonis Davidus.
 I have to see if I can hire these guys to help me do my weekly manatee surveys.
These guys cracked me up, they looked like were posing for their album cover. Little Cormy and the Pelicans. See them live, coming soon to a club near you.
It's so awful to have to live in Florida in the winter time.
This little guy was on the shore. Not sure of the species, perhaps a Melon Collie?
I wasn't expecting this. This was a cow bird on the shore.
Some kinda gull. Can't remember which.
(Sebastian Inlet) Ring-billed Gull
(Sebastian Inlet) Compare and contrast with a Laughing Gull
(Sebastian Inlet) This TOTALLY pervy Great Blue Heron flashed us! Mercy me, you just can't go out anywhere these days.
(Sebastian Inlet) A cute brown Pelican.
 (Sebastian Inlet) A Snowy Egret looking all picturesque.
(Sebastian Inlet) Awww, the nice Brown Pelican is giving the little fishy a ride! Isn't that nice of him!

 (Sebastian Inlet) The poor little fishy must have been cold, the nice pelican closed his beak so the fishy didn't get cold....

 (Sebastian Inlet)  Reddish Egret
 (Pelican Island) A very old Southern White. You can tell he's old by how tattered he is.
 (Pelican Island) Either a Common or a Mangrove Buckeye.
(Pelican Island) White Peacock.
(Pelican Island) White Peacock - check out his eyes.

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