Friday, April 15, 2016

Great Works of Art, Messed With

"So, I've been collecting adult coloring books for years. As those who know me will tell you though, my brain just ain't quite right. Here are my most recent works of "art", and I use the term loosely.

New 16-Apr-2016: This one is from the Dover Manatee coloring book that I picked up at the Space Coast festival this year. The original description is below the drawing, but after I added the bow tie and cumberbund, I now call it, "Although She Was Initially Upset That Her Father Didn't Realize That Manny Was Her Prom Date, the Mermaid Eventually Conceded That The Manatee Steaks Were In Fact, Quite Delicious."

This is from the Art Masterpieces coloring book. It is based on Edward Hopper's "Hotel Room". But I call it, "It Wasn't Until She Read the Package Insert That She Realized Her Mistake - It Wasn't SPF 45, It Was SPE - Super Pink Epidermis - 45"

This is from my Monet coloring book series. I titled this one, "As The Floodwaters Rise, Lord Fartlebottom Is Saddened To Discover That Ms. Worthington Meant It Literally When She Said, Not If You Were The Last Man On Earth"

This is also from the Art Masterpieces coloring book, based on John William Waterhouse's Mermaid. But I call this:
"It Was Only After the Transporter 'Accident' That Ariel and Neytiri Realized that Calling Scottie an 'Ugly Nerd' was Probably Not a Good Idea."

This is also from the Monet coloring book.  I call it, "Due to Her Lack of Adherence to the Prearranged Color Scheme, Lady Fartington's Dress is Used as the Blanket at the Annual Acid and Eyeball Picnic"

New 30-Jul-15: My latest creation from the Art Masterpieces coloring book. Originally titled "Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga", I call mine, "They waited, watching. One day, they thought, David Simpson will slip up and we will dine like the kings of the jungle we are."

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