Saturday, March 8, 2014

Broadmoor with the Master Naturalists

Had the honor of helping out with a Master Naturalist field trip to Broadmoor today. Here are some pix. Click to enlarge.

We got great looks at a Limpkin, it was nice to be able to compare and contrast with the immature white ibises we also saw.
 Osprey carrying nesting materials.
This was a neat scene. It was nice to be able to compare the male anhinga, female anhinga, and the cormorant, which are often confused. But it also made me laugh cause it looked like they had a weird Three's Company thing going on.
This was a lifer for me. For all the times I've seen Norther Harriers before, I never managed to get a picture before. Only need 14 more to get my photographic life list to 300 now!
There might have been a pelican or two.
Reminds me of my dad's advice on counting birds. Where there are a lot of birds, just count the eyes and divide by 2.
All of the Master Naturalist students watching the white pelicans.
Our fearless leader, Heather!
And more pelicans!
There were also one or two gators out there today.
 Or maybe it was 10 or 30 gators!!
You might have to squint, but there is an alligator hiding in this picture.

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