Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Cats

 I used to have a site dedicated to the cats but it got lost. I am trying to do a back up but came across a bunch of old pix so I decided to post them here for posterity incase the back up drive dies. And besides, who doesn't love a good cat picture or 3?

Been thinking about Sinaed a lot lately as Barty is in renal failure and incontinent. Not ready for diapers yet, and hopefully it won't get that bad. 

After Sinaed died, I said we are NEVER getting another cat and I gave alway all our cat stuff. That lasted about 3 months. This is the day we adopted Pita an NummyMuffinCoocolButter. 

David with Pita You can hardly even see him there. This size didn't last long!

The kittens first Christmas. We think they killed Santa. But they still got Salmon treats in their stocking. 

Yeah... so what I said about never getting another cat? A feral cat gave birth in our back yard. We caught the kittens and took the mom to the humane society. I tried to find homes for them, but yeah, you know how that goes. This is Lisa trying to escape. She is the only one who still really never assimilated into the house. 

Barty, on the other hand, he loved me from the first time I gave him a belly rub and Salmon.

Barty and Maggie. This picture makes me sad. Since Barty has been sick, Maggie and Nummy won't go near him. I think because he doesn't smell very fresh. I got some kitty wipes, but he still kinda doesn't smell super fresh.

Nummy and Bart. Same comment as above :-(

I work from home and don't have kids, but wanted to participate in Take Your Kids to Work day. Here is Barty wearing a tie and helping me at my desk.

Here is David with Barty wearing a tie.

Barty and Nummy drinking coffee like pros. (Actually, there were salmon treats in the coffee mugs.)

Pita and Nummy on coffee break. 

A deep meaningful meeting to discuss important cat business things. Like, "How do we get the last salmon treat out of the coffee cup??"

I love this picture. I eventually took a third one of this photo on the screen with Pita lying on the keyboard again, but I couldn't find it. 

One of my favorite pix of Nummy. Someone gave me a sign for the house that says, "You are never fully dressed without cat hair." Too true!

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