Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Solstice Lights

So, I decided to put up Solstice lights this year. I'm drunk at the moment, but I never learned to photograph in the dark anyway so I don't think pictures would come out even if I hadn't consumed the rum. Anyway, here are my Solstice lights. Click to embiggen the pictures.

Close up of sun and earth. I'm thinking I should add more planets next year. I didn't do a good job with the continents, maybe will take it apart and do a tidier job next year. But I do like the way the sun came out. I wasn't going to paint the bicycle tire, but I'm really glad I did, it looks much nicer.
Long shot from further down the road of the fence, the sun, the earth, and Spongebob and friends.
Spongebob and Squidward. I might have paint these next year, they are getting pretty faded. 
Patrick and Sandy.

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