Sunday, December 1, 2013

Autumn Vacation 2013

We had an awesome vacation this year. Started off driving up the coast, stopping at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Then up to MA for my niece's wedding, then down to GA for Thanksgiving. Here are the pix and story. Click to enlarge.

Hermit Thrush at the Savannah NWR.

Weird looking mockingbird at the Savannah NWR I thought it was something else. 

 This is the first Phoebe that I've ever identified by call alone, at the Savannah NWR

Shirl and Scooter.

David, Georgie, Lynn and Shirl waiting for the wedding to start.

Beverly, the mother of the bride, being walked down the aisle.

The flower girl. She eventually dropped 1 or two petals. 

First kiss as a married couple.

The bride, groom and pastor.

The church, on a beautiful but cold day in New England.

The cake.

Close up of the topper. Notice that the bride has a tiara, the same as Courtney's.

First dance.

Georgie, Phil, Shirl, Lynn and me.

Me, David, Dan, Courtney, Colleen, Shirl, Lynn, Phil, and Georgie.

We stopped at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. This is me and a cardboard cut out of her. She is Shirley's hero.

They were just starting to put up the holiday decorations when we arrived. Here are Shirl and Lynn, looking every bit as cold as they were. 

David and Georgie at the cabin.

Lynn  at the cabin. I love this picture.

Shirl at the cabin, looking happy.

Surprise visitor Scott, with David.

Amy and Beth cooking up a storm.

Mom and Amy studying Thanksgiving dinner.

Kathy, Tom, and Scott.

We took a hike to work off dinner. I told them to look like they were looking at something. This is Dad, David, Georgie, Amy, Shirl, Scott, Lynn, and Beth. 

Same motley crew as above, but an action shot walking.

Taking a break on the hiking trail. Georgie, Scott, David, Beth, Amy, Lynn, Shirl and Dad.

These are some cool bugs that were living on the outside of the cabin.

Dad, tending the fire for s'mores.

David at campfire.

Scott and Amy at campfire.

Amy at campfire.

Beth, looking very sunny and happy at the campfire.

One of my favorite David pictures. He was grumpy and I was trying to make him smile for the picture. His mom said I'm the only one who can get away with picking on him like this:-)

Me and David by the lake.

Family portrait by the lake. David, Scott, Dad, Beth, Amy, Mom, Kathy, Tom, and me.

Just the girls - Beth, Amy, Kathy, mom, and me.

The cousins - Beth, David, Amy, Scott, and me.

As Dad said, "Just the old farts" - Dad, mom, Kathy, and Tom. 

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