Friday, August 3, 2012

Alaska, Days 6-7

These are the photos from our last 2 days of the cruise. We started off on an excursion to Klondike Summit suspension bridge and salmon bake, then we cruised to Hubbard Glacier.

Me and Shirl at
Klondike summit.

Me and Lynn at
Klondike summit.

Me and Georgie at
Klondike summit.

Me and David at
Klondike summit.

The sistahs in front of the sign
welcoming us back to Alaska
(the Klondike summit is in

Us at the salmon bake.

Georgie with the mounties

Shirley with the mounties

Me with the mounties. In
hind sight, I should have
photoshopped them into
black and white to make them look
more realistic.

Shirley with bear.

David at the suspension bridge.

View from the bridge.

Another view from the bridge.

The visitor's center at
Klondike summit.

The suspension bridge.
This didn't scare me at
all, unlike the tram.

David with the bear.

David, blending in well
with the mounties.

Shirl, Lynn, Me, and David.

This was a puppy at the salmon
bake. The dog's owner said the dog
isn't lazy, he had been out hunting
bear all morning and was just tired.

Us on the ship in
front of Hubbard Glacier.
This glacier is something
like 73 miles long, and
used to be way bigger.

Me and Shirl in front
of Hubbard Glacier.

Me and David at
Hubbard Glacier.

Me, Shirl and Lynn. 

Sometimes iPhone photos don't really
work all that well, but sometimes
when they don't work, they make me
laugh. This was one of those times.

Just a little, tiny piece of the glacier.

I like this one of me and Shirl. Looks
less posed and we both have good

George, Shirl and Lynn at Hubbard

This is the glacier "calving". I have
some cool action shots of this
but need to edit them into an
iMovie. It was really neat to

One last shot of the glacier.

Our stateroom was nice, we are just

David's last coffee on
the ship!

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